Getting You Comfortable With Your Iphone

Many people own an iphone. Although it is massively popular, an iphone can also be confusing. If you have an iphone that you haven’t quite mastered yet, keep reading. The following article will provide you with advice that will make you an iphone pro quickly.

Save your valuable battery power by lowering the brightness on your iphone. This can be done in your phone’s settings, and you just lower the level of the brightness. At a lower brightness, you’ll find your iphone lasts for a lot longer. This is especially helpful if you know you are going to go a long time between charges.

Save time by omitting the ‘WWW’ and ‘.com’ from the URL while using your iphone to browse online. All you need is the main portion of the address typed in and the browser should connect you with the proper site. This is a simple, straightforward trick, but the time it saves you will really add up.

If you want to use special characters in your text, the iphone makes it easy. Well, luckily for you it’s a relatively easy process. Holding down the letter you wish to use for a quick second is all that you need to do. When you hold down a letter key on your iphone, you should see an options box that will include several additional ways you can type a specific letter. This will allow you to type with fancy lettering as much as you want.

As an iphone owner, be sure to utilize all of the phone’s multimedia capabilities. You can download or stream videos, films, television shows and more from hundreds of different websites. Your iphone can be an extremely powerful portable media station.

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Having read this article, you now know a lot about iPhones. Put that information to good use. Your mastery of the amazing features of the iphone is as easy as putting them to use today.

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